3 Reasons to Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Orange County

3 Reasons to Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Orange County
3 reasons to sell your house fast for cash to an investor in Orange County

When selling real estate, the traditional method involves hiring a real estate agent to help move the transaction forward. For most transactions, a realtor can be a great investment and here’s why:

  •  The realtor lists your property on the MLS giving you good exposure to potential buyers.
  • The realtor may do other forms of marketing for you: direct mail, print ads, etc.
  •  The realtor will host “Open House” showing your home to potential buyers.
  • The realtor will make recommendations for repair so that you can focus your repairs on areas that help command a higher sale price.
  • The realtor helps you with paperwork and a good one will help ensure a smooth transaction. 
  • For the majority of home sales, the realtor is the way to go.

With all these great pros for hiring a realtodr, why would you sell your fast for cash with an investor? Below are three reasons:

  1. you need a quick solution. Perhaps you are in foreclosure and you have  a hard deadline for selling your home before it goes to auction. Maybe you’ve explored your options, and you’ve realized that selling your home is going to be the best option for you. You decide to walk away with cash on your own terms, rather than walk away with nothing on the bank’s terms. For this, you will want a fast transaction which usually means a cash transactions is your best option. If you go with a realtor, the offers you get will likely be from investors. It may not make sense for you to pay up to 6% in realtor commissions, when you could save on those commissions because you’ll get a similar offer selling your home directly to an investor. This allows you to walk away with more cash in your pocket.
  2. You need to make extensive repairs Banks have a hard time lending to buyers when the home needs extensive repairs. Simply because it may not appraise for what it needs to, or may not meet standards for the type of loan that the buyer can get. In cases like this, you are likely only to be able to accept cash offers anyway. Since most cash offers will come from an investor, you can walk away with more cash in your pocket by avoiding the realtor and selling directly to an investor.
  3. You Want a quick solution Maybe your moving on short notice, or you’re a landlord looking to liquidate quickly, or you otherwise “want to be done with it” as fast as possible. The cash transaction from an investor could be your best bet. You’ll simply come to an agreement on a price, close, and walk away. Very simple.  You’ll have one showing for the investor to see what they can offer, or you could get even get an offer sight unseen. You won’t have to worry about cleanup, or repairs. 

In most cases a realtor is a good investment, but if you need or want to sell fast with more cash in your pocket, the investor could be your best option.

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