My mother is 88 years old and did a reverse mortgage on her condo; unbeknownst to my sister and I. All of a sudden she was in a panic mode to pack up her condo and move. She was reticent to share exactly why. My family and I were at a lost and we were scrambling to find her a place to move too. Our worst fear was that she was being scammed and we had no information, other than she had to be out of her condo in 30 days and it was a reverse mortgage. My son in law, has a wonderful friend named Pat and Pat was an absolute God send. He was able to look up the much needed information on her reverse mortgage on her condo and helped guide us through the process of options to move forward. What a relief that was. There was absolutely no need to scramble and panic, she didn’t have to move out at the 30 day deadline. Pat was kind, patient and so knowledgeable about the different steps that happen in a reverse mortgage and options to take moving forward. We finally could breathe and sleep at night. I can’t thank Pat enough!! If you find yourself in any real estate situation, do yourself a favor and contact Pat.

About Liberation Home Solutions

We work with homeowners to find solutions that improve their difficult situations. Whether you’re experiencing a foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, navigating probate, or value a fast resolution due to divorce or any other stressful real estate related problem, at Liberation Home Solutions, our focus is to provide you with a better alternative to your situation so that you are free to move forward. “Mercy leads to freedom, and freedom comes from Liberation.”

Liberation Home Solutions is a real estate solutions company based out of Tustin.  We’re a family-owned business with a strong Christian character. We believe that if we have the capacity to offer mercy then we should. We believe in meeting you “where you are,” striving to understand your unique situation, and through trust and collaboration, helping you to find a better alternative. We believe in bringing you value first, and commit to offer you a solution that works best for your situation. We believe that purchasing your house for cash is but one solution, and commit to offering alternate solutions such as listing on the MLS, or exploring debt restructuring, even if it means referring you to one of our partners.

What is Mercy?

Working for a local fire department, I have made a living helping people solve their difficult issues. A few years ago, we experienced a heavy rain event that resulted in flooding and some fast moving water through our drainage channels. Along one of the channels there was a bike path that was a popular commuting route for the locals. That day, we received a dispatch for a person who fell off of their bike and was now floating downstream through the swift water. My partner and I responded immediately and drove along the bike path until we saw a woman in the water. The water level was low enough that she could touch the bottom, but the banks were steep, and her feet were slipping, so she had no other options than to move close to the bank and allow the flowing water to rush her downstream toward a set of weirs that would be sure to churn her up and drown her. My partner and I got to work quickly, climbed down the bank and threw her a lifeline. She took the line and we brought her to safety on the top of the bank. When I grabbed onto her clothes and pulled her from the water she said to me, “I thought I was going to die.” With a calm smile, I said to her, “You would have, but not this time.” 

To offer mercy is to offer a better alternative to the inevitable. It feels amazing to intervene in a dire situation and to know that I have made a difference; to know that I was able to offer an act of mercy that impacted someone in a profound way. In many ways, whether you’re in foreclosure, owe back taxes, or have any other real estate related problem,  you can feel like the woman in the river, relentlessly flowing downstream toward a terrible ending. When you contact us, we immediately deploy the lifeline, and work to find the best solution possible to your situation. No matter how you got there, we commit to understanding where you are so that we can use the tools that will set you on a path toward a better alternative. Mercy leads to freedom, and freedom comes from Liberation. 

How We Work With Homeowners

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